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Précon e-learning offers support and customised solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. Are you a fan of e-learning, somewhat sceptical, or strongly against it? Either way, you’re probably right. While this may sound strange, e-learning can be great for some and not great for others.

It’s important to determine your organisation’s needs in advance. Précon would be happy to discuss this with you. Our strength lies in creating effective e-learning solutions for men and women in the workplace. This gives you an idea of what you can expect from us.

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SNS about Précon e-learning

Collaborating with Précon was a very pleasant and professional experience. Despite the tight deadline and several last-minute changes in the lay-out, the delivered work was outstanding. Précon’s quick delivery and flexibility meant that all 1,500 employees could follow the e-learning programme on time and were up to date on our new system.

custom made elearning e-learning training course


Specialists consider the ultimate goal of user and the client and tailor their work accordingly. This is known as customisation.

What are students expected to learn during this course? That is the question you will be asked by the Précon specialist. Together we will determine the ultimate goal and then use the right materials and tools to develop an effective solution.

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Elzi LMS course education

Elzi (Learning Management System)

We are proud to introduce our online learning management system Elzi.

This managerial system helps you register students for courses, share training programmes, courses and course material, and track your students’ progress in real time.

Elzi is reliable, available 24/7, never gets tired and can’t wait to start working for you.

public haccp introduction on food safety

Public e-learning courses

Are you looking for the public e-learning courses offered by Précon? These courses have been relocated to Précon’s Food Management website.

Use the link below to visit Précon Food Management.

Public e-learning courses...


ADDIE is an excellent way to create a structured e-learning programme. Certain situations, however, call for a less structured and more dynamic approach.

Précon is flexible in its approach. Sometimes we use ADDIE, sometimes we change the steps, sometimes the customer executes one of the steps independently and sometimes we only support customers in developing their own e-learning programmes.

  • Does your company have experience developing e-learning programmes or teaching materials?
  • Do you prefer to work on insights?
  • Do you have your own trainers?
  • Is training part of your company's strategy?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more questions, a flexible approach may be the best fit for your company.

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Bart Stolk

Business developer

Deborah Vos

E-learning consultant

Dimitri Remmelzwaal

E-learning ontwikkelaar

Heike Vogt

E-learning consultant

Heleen van Maanen

E-learning consultant

George Bosveld

E-learning ontwikkelaar

Jesse Verhoeven

E-learning ontwikkelaar