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  • Précon Food Management

    As a training and consultancy firm for the food industry, Précon Food Management offers indispensable e-learning solutions. Précon provides offers a wide range of e-learning courses, which are available to everyone. The courses cover various topics like quality, the environment, working conditions and safety. Précon e-learning is responsible for developing all e-learning courses for Précon Food Management. These learning solutions aim to increase the knowledge, awareness and efficiency of employees. The e-learning courses complement the traditional courses offered by Précon Food Management, which focus on changing behaviour.

    Clients like the courses because they are convenient, attractive and they correspond to the work environment. Many of our clients opt for customised courses.

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Allergeen Klant
Hamburger Allergenen
Brood Snijden
Gevaarlijke Situaties
Handen Wassen
Handen Wassen Kraan
Metaaldetector Ccp
Omkleden Kleren

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